Review – Russian River – Temptation wild ale




APPEARANCE: Pours a kings crown gold, with a brilliant star-bright glow coming from the bottom of the glass. Small thin white soapy head that dissipates into a halo that stays the entire time i’m drinking.


AROMA: Beautiful bouquet on this beer, huge sour tartness initially with loads of lemon and hay blended together. Perfectly ripe green apples, grapes, white wine notes with a great oakiness.


TASTE: My taste buds are playing celestial trumpets. A perfect marriage of sweet and sour, like drinking a chardonnay with lemon zest on top. Sour grapes and slightly sweet grassy notes, nice faint flavors of barrel and malt.


MOUTH FEEL: Light plus body with a medium dancing carbonation. Funky, dry long lasting finish.


OVERALL: This beer was the perfect outside, right before sunset 75 degree choice. Super refreshing and easy drinking. I am just starting to explore into the world of sours, out of all the Russian River sours I’ve had this is by far my favorite.


RATING: 4.5/5 zombie heads!



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