Review – Tongue Tickles – Noble Ale Works




Tongue Tickles – Noble Ale Works
double ipa
8% abv
APPEARANCE: Pours a very bright, rusty orange color underneath a great big dense egg shell white colored head. Nice glimmering hints of peach colored rim variations. The head had great retention really holding up for the long haul.
AROMA: Big juicy citrus right up front thanks to the citra and simcoe hops. Loads of ripe peaches, and pine swirl around and fill my nostrils. Delightful hints of tropical fruits with a slight sweet bready malt in the back end.
TASTE: Delicious, the sweet malty goodness I smelled comes through like a hop dusted sugar cookie. That pine and citrus really peak and allow those tropical fruits to show. I do get a slight oniony flavor towards the middle but is washed away with the juicy peach finish.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body and a nice amount of prickly carbonation. Leaves a bit of resinous stickiness on the palate. Slight heat although it’s not a super high abv.
OVERALL: A truly amazing dipa from noble. I just read this won overall at la ipa festival. The nose on this beer is exactly what I like in my ipa’s, taste was nice and juicy. Very much in the west coast ipa profile. If you are a citra, simcoe fan then highly recommend giving this one a try.
RATING: 4.6/5 zombie heads!


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