Beer Review – Zombie Dust – Three Floyd’s Brewing


Zombie Dust – Three Floyd’s Brewing

American pale ale

6.4% ABV

60 IBU

APPEARANCE: Poured a hazy, burnt amber color. Bright and beautiful looking beer. Nice big off white pillowy head, great retention that leaves sticky lacing down the side of the glass.

AROMA: Very dank, herbal and hoppy. Bright fruits, grapefruit lots of lemon. Hints of wet grass, with bready malts on the backend. Bouquet is super inviting cant wait to taste this beer.

TASTE: Lots of grapefruit on the front. Very oily like a zombie stirred this with his finger. Citrus notes pop again in the middle with the hops before finishing with Carmel and pale malts.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body with medium carbonation. Slick and oily with snappy finish that leaves you wanting another sip.

OVERALL: I had to keep reminding myself this is a pale ale. It drinks wonderfully and has such a good hop presence that it could be a mellow ipa. Lived up to the hype that surrounds it. The art work is amazing!

RATING: 4.5/5 Zombie Heads!




Beer Review – Triple Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids



Triple Sunshine – Lawson’s finest liquids

Double/triple IPA

10.5% ABV

APPEARANCE: Pours a hazy over ripe tangerine fruit color, with bright 24k gold sparkling highlights. Has a beautiful loose, billowy off white head that sticks around for the long term with some super retention.

AROMA: Fresh squeezed tropical fruit juice that has spilled onto a damp jungle floor. Pineapple, mango, guava peel. Some very interesting earthy, minty notes that get rounded out by sweet bready, doughy malts.

TASTE: Wow ! Juicy mango burst right away. Followed by sweet ripe pineapple and peaches. Huge dank, wet earthy flavors that give way to a very layered hop profile. The malty sweetness on the nose comes into play only to give way to the crashing bitterness that hits on the backend. I can’t believe this is 10.5% absolutely no heat and so easy to drink.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body, medium prickly carbonation. Lovely expansive creaminess that coats the whole mouth before retracting super quick with the dry snappy finish.

OVERALL: I received this a few months after release it had been properly cellared. I honestly can’t imagine how good this must have been fresh. This has blown my mind. This may be the best double/triple ipa I’ve had to date. So balanced but full of explosive flavors at the same time. I super confident in my rating of this truly masterful work of art!

RATING: 5/5 Zombie Heads!

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Review – Imperial Doughnut Break – Evil Twin Brewing


Imperial Doughnut Break
Evil Twin Brewing

Imperial Porter

ABV 11.5%

APPEARANCE: Poured a slow, gurgling, dense deep oil black color. Not quite opaque leaving just enough light in to have some interesting cola brown glimmers show. Slow steady pour builds a thick, dense mocha latte colored head. Super retention I feel like I could easily float a bottle cap on this head.
AROMA: Great nose on this porter, it was climbing out of the glass as I poured. Robust and rich bouquet that swirls around chocolate and deep roasted coffee. Very much a chocolate covered espresso bean, deep fudge, vanilla, mixed with the very dominate bready malt bill really does remind me of doughnuts!
TASTE: Warm, fresh out of the oven chocolate fudge brownies. Lots of rich chocolatey flavors immersing itself in a fresh brewed pot of dark roasted coffee. For sure on the sweet side with subtle nuances of brown sugar, caramel and vanilla. I don’t drink this and think wow I just ate a doughnut but it’s for sure reminding me of cake and that’s close enough for me! The ending actually rounds out nicely with a coffee bitterness which brings the sweetness down a notch making it really drinkable.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium plus body with a low amount of lazy carbonation. Coats the mouth well in a slightly creamy texture that ends pretty fast, slight dry with nice coffee bitterness.
OVERALL: I’m a huge doughnut lover so I have been wanting to drink this beer for a while now. I was not disappointed, even though the tasting notes don’t scream doughnuts. It does drink as a really great dessert beer. I ate a few of the doughnuts in the picture with it and found it paired perfectly, the heat from the 11.5% abv cut the sweetness just enough that it made it work.
RATING: 4.25/5 Zombie Heads!

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Review – Hop Drop N Roll – NoDa Brewing

photo (2)

Hop Drop N Roll – NoDA Brewing Company

ABV 7.7%

IBU 81

APPEARANCE: Pours a clear burnt orange copper color. With slightly muddy brown rim variation and an Intense dark yellow center to the beer. Small but dense khaki colored head, that really left some interesting lacing patterns down my glass.

AROMA: Unlike most IPA’s I have been drinking as of late, this one starts off very strong in the sweet malt profile. Warm fresh out of the oven sugar cookies laced with toffee and caramel. Lemon zest, tropical citrus profile with a tinge of mint in there as well. Lots of leaf floral hop aromas that round out the back end.

TASTE: Just what I was expecting after the the nose, honey spread on toast. A bit on the sweet side of the ipa style. Very malt forward, the malts set the stage for the hops to dance on. Middle of the beer has some wonderful bright tropical fruits, before ending with a bitter grapefruit and piney medley.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium sticky body paired with an aggressive medium plus carbonation.Oily, creamy and very enjoyable on the mouthfeel aspect.

OVERALL: I respect this ipa for not following in the paths of others and really trying to be unique. I do feel the candied malt sweetness is a bit overpowering. If the caramel and toffee were toned just a bit I think the hops would really get a chance to dance on the stage that is Hop Drop N Roll and add a much needed balance to the beer.

RATING: 3.9/5 Zombie Heads!


Review – Double Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids






Double Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Double IPA
ABV 8%

APPEARANCE: Very interesting pour starts of a starbright sunrise orange color. Half way through the pour color starts to darken and get slightly hazy. End of pour continues to add haziness and ends up a over ripe peach hue. This even after I gently rolled the bottle before opening. Attractive soapy, loose off white bubbly head, with a decent retention.
AROMA: I was expecting to be instantly blown away by the nose .I was actually a little bit disappointed, I felt it was slightly muted. Decided to let it sit and revisit a few mins later. Now I could get nice sweet pineapple, mango, peach followed by some really interesting sour grapes and bright crisp green apples. Slight earthy, vegetal ending. I don’t get any maltiness at all.
TASTE: I’ve never had an ipa that has tasted like this. So fresh and juicy loads of tropical fruits that swirl around with that subtle sour grape I got on the nose. Crisp snappy green apples with a floral rose petal and honeysuckle in the middle. Nice earthy, herbal notes that come in right before the slightly sweet bready malts.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body and carbonation. One of the craziest snappy quick dry finishes I’ve had to date. This beer drinks so wet and juicy and literally when I swallow it sucks all the moister out of my mouth begging me to drink more.
OVERALL: Having the opportunity to have the top 3 rated ipas back to back to back in the same night was mind blowing. I truly think that DS is an outstanding beer. The taste is super unique and delicious. I feel like I could smash multiples of this no problem. With that being said I feel like it lacked that in your face aroma that heady topper has.The flavor profile I would put above Pliny so results for me would be:
1. Heady Topper
2. Double Sunshine
3. Pliny the Elder

RATING: Hard to give this anything but 5/5 zombie heads!