Review – Imperial Doughnut Break – Evil Twin Brewing


Imperial Doughnut Break
Evil Twin Brewing

Imperial Porter

ABV 11.5%

APPEARANCE: Poured a slow, gurgling, dense deep oil black color. Not quite opaque leaving just enough light in to have some interesting cola brown glimmers show. Slow steady pour builds a thick, dense mocha latte colored head. Super retention I feel like I could easily float a bottle cap on this head.
AROMA: Great nose on this porter, it was climbing out of the glass as I poured. Robust and rich bouquet that swirls around chocolate and deep roasted coffee. Very much a chocolate covered espresso bean, deep fudge, vanilla, mixed with the very dominate bready malt bill really does remind me of doughnuts!
TASTE: Warm, fresh out of the oven chocolate fudge brownies. Lots of rich chocolatey flavors immersing itself in a fresh brewed pot of dark roasted coffee. For sure on the sweet side with subtle nuances of brown sugar, caramel and vanilla. I don’t drink this and think wow I just ate a doughnut but it’s for sure reminding me of cake and that’s close enough for me! The ending actually rounds out nicely with a coffee bitterness which brings the sweetness down a notch making it really drinkable.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium plus body with a low amount of lazy carbonation. Coats the mouth well in a slightly creamy texture that ends pretty fast, slight dry with nice coffee bitterness.
OVERALL: I’m a huge doughnut lover so I have been wanting to drink this beer for a while now. I was not disappointed, even though the tasting notes don’t scream doughnuts. It does drink as a really great dessert beer. I ate a few of the doughnuts in the picture with it and found it paired perfectly, the heat from the 11.5% abv cut the sweetness just enough that it made it work.
RATING: 4.25/5 Zombie Heads!

Until next time, – Support your local Beer Zombies!

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