Beer Zombies bottle openers

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Two sided design, front featuring the Hop Bearded Beer Zombies logo. Backside Beer Zombies font with craft life craft death and a hop cone.

These Openers are water proof, stain resistant, scratch resistant and made of solid steel.

Design is not a sticker or decal, the finished product has the same look as a great custom paint job would look on a car or motorcycle. They have an Awesome shine and look unbelievable.

All openers come with a Spinner Ring which is made of super duty rubber and designed to make the process of opening a bottle with a speed opener much easier, faster and comfortable.

These are perfect for bartenders or anyone that wants to open a beer in style!

art by Beer Zombies – custom pizza boxes for Pizza Rock

This is a project I did for the new Pizza Rock that just opened inside of Green Valley Ranch Casino. Its 6 24 x 24 custom pizza boxes, done with mixed media. They are hung up inside the restaurant.








Bearded Zombie Original Art

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This piece is on 3 feet x 4 feet canvas, commissioned from a client. Used a mix of acrylic paint, spray paint, various stains and paper to achieve the desired look.