Beer Review – Ninja Vs. Unicorn – Pipeworks Brewing

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Ninja Vs. Unicorn – Pipeworks Brewing 

American double IPA , DIPA

8.5% ABV

50 IBU

APPEARANCE: I imagine if a ninja’s sword where to chop the head of a Unicorn, he would wipe his blade clean on his ninja pajamas. The color on his ninja costume would be reminiscent of the way this lovely beer poured. A beautiful golden amber, with sparkling highlights that really hypnotize you when you stair into it. Produced a nice big loose white head that lingering cap.


AROMA: Drinking this out in the forest has intensified the pine aromas, all around me the pine cones are falling. Getting tons of sticky pine and huge resinous piney hops coming off the pour. Fresh sliced juicy grapefruit, like the ones on “fruit ninja” game from my iPhone. Followed by some over ripe orange and tangerines. There is a wonderful maltiness that translate into toasted bread and sugar cookies. The nose on this beer is amazing. I imagine this is what a unicorn fart would smell like!


TASTE: After the ninja chopped the head off of this mythical beast, the blood spilled and filled bottle upon bottle of this beer. Usually when a beer has such an outstanding nose the taste doesn’t live up. Not in this case, the flavor layers are all right there in line with the aroma. For a beer that claims 10 ibu it inst a palate wrecker at all,  Its actually very easy drinking. The piney hops come flying at you like a ninja star. Super dank that’s followed up with a big bursting citrus flavor. The sweet malts do make an appearance like a piece of toast with a grapefruit/orange marmalade. There is a some heat on this beer, which is odd with the abv coming in at 8.5%.


MOUTHFEEL: Medium body with a moderate carbonation. there is a very pleasant syrupy creaminess that makes this a really smooth drinking ipa. Lots of that resiouness pine comes through on the mouthfeel, really coating the entire mouth. Leaves the mouth with a long lasting lingering finish.


OVERALL: Not sure if Ninja Vs.Unicorn  is a the name it should have. Its so balanced that it should be called Ninja Sex Unicorn. Huge fan of every aspect of this beer, including the little heat that comes out i’m assuming from the battle. Speaking of battles I think the real winner was me! I just saw that they are going to start canning this beer, when that happens I will be trading for a case at a time. Truly everything I would want and ask for out of a dipa.


RATING: 4.5/5 Zombie Heads!




Review – Double Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids






Double Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Double IPA
ABV 8%

APPEARANCE: Very interesting pour starts of a starbright sunrise orange color. Half way through the pour color starts to darken and get slightly hazy. End of pour continues to add haziness and ends up a over ripe peach hue. This even after I gently rolled the bottle before opening. Attractive soapy, loose off white bubbly head, with a decent retention.
AROMA: I was expecting to be instantly blown away by the nose .I was actually a little bit disappointed, I felt it was slightly muted. Decided to let it sit and revisit a few mins later. Now I could get nice sweet pineapple, mango, peach followed by some really interesting sour grapes and bright crisp green apples. Slight earthy, vegetal ending. I don’t get any maltiness at all.
TASTE: I’ve never had an ipa that has tasted like this. So fresh and juicy loads of tropical fruits that swirl around with that subtle sour grape I got on the nose. Crisp snappy green apples with a floral rose petal and honeysuckle in the middle. Nice earthy, herbal notes that come in right before the slightly sweet bready malts.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body and carbonation. One of the craziest snappy quick dry finishes I’ve had to date. This beer drinks so wet and juicy and literally when I swallow it sucks all the moister out of my mouth begging me to drink more.
OVERALL: Having the opportunity to have the top 3 rated ipas back to back to back in the same night was mind blowing. I truly think that DS is an outstanding beer. The taste is super unique and delicious. I feel like I could smash multiples of this no problem. With that being said I feel like it lacked that in your face aroma that heady topper has.The flavor profile I would put above Pliny so results for me would be:
1. Heady Topper
2. Double Sunshine
3. Pliny the Elder

RATING: Hard to give this anything but 5/5 zombie heads!


Review – Tongue Tickles – Noble Ale Works




Tongue Tickles – Noble Ale Works
double ipa
8% abv
APPEARANCE: Pours a very bright, rusty orange color underneath a great big dense egg shell white colored head. Nice glimmering hints of peach colored rim variations. The head had great retention really holding up for the long haul.
AROMA: Big juicy citrus right up front thanks to the citra and simcoe hops. Loads of ripe peaches, and pine swirl around and fill my nostrils. Delightful hints of tropical fruits with a slight sweet bready malt in the back end.
TASTE: Delicious, the sweet malty goodness I smelled comes through like a hop dusted sugar cookie. That pine and citrus really peak and allow those tropical fruits to show. I do get a slight oniony flavor towards the middle but is washed away with the juicy peach finish.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body and a nice amount of prickly carbonation. Leaves a bit of resinous stickiness on the palate. Slight heat although it’s not a super high abv.
OVERALL: A truly amazing dipa from noble. I just read this won overall at la ipa festival. The nose on this beer is exactly what I like in my ipa’s, taste was nice and juicy. Very much in the west coast ipa profile. If you are a citra, simcoe fan then highly recommend giving this one a try.
RATING: 4.6/5 zombie heads!