Beer Review – Triple Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids



Triple Sunshine – Lawson’s finest liquids

Double/triple IPA

10.5% ABV

APPEARANCE: Pours a hazy over ripe tangerine fruit color, with bright 24k gold sparkling highlights. Has a beautiful loose, billowy off white head that sticks around for the long term with some super retention.

AROMA: Fresh squeezed tropical fruit juice that has spilled onto a damp jungle floor. Pineapple, mango, guava peel. Some very interesting earthy, minty notes that get rounded out by sweet bready, doughy malts.

TASTE: Wow ! Juicy mango burst right away. Followed by sweet ripe pineapple and peaches. Huge dank, wet earthy flavors that give way to a very layered hop profile. The malty sweetness on the nose comes into play only to give way to the crashing bitterness that hits on the backend. I can’t believe this is 10.5% absolutely no heat and so easy to drink.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body, medium prickly carbonation. Lovely expansive creaminess that coats the whole mouth before retracting super quick with the dry snappy finish.

OVERALL: I received this a few months after release it had been properly cellared. I honestly can’t imagine how good this must have been fresh. This has blown my mind. This may be the best double/triple ipa I’ve had to date. So balanced but full of explosive flavors at the same time. I super confident in my rating of this truly masterful work of art!

RATING: 5/5 Zombie Heads!

Review – Double Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids






Double Sunshine – Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Double IPA
ABV 8%

APPEARANCE: Very interesting pour starts of a starbright sunrise orange color. Half way through the pour color starts to darken and get slightly hazy. End of pour continues to add haziness and ends up a over ripe peach hue. This even after I gently rolled the bottle before opening. Attractive soapy, loose off white bubbly head, with a decent retention.
AROMA: I was expecting to be instantly blown away by the nose .I was actually a little bit disappointed, I felt it was slightly muted. Decided to let it sit and revisit a few mins later. Now I could get nice sweet pineapple, mango, peach followed by some really interesting sour grapes and bright crisp green apples. Slight earthy, vegetal ending. I don’t get any maltiness at all.
TASTE: I’ve never had an ipa that has tasted like this. So fresh and juicy loads of tropical fruits that swirl around with that subtle sour grape I got on the nose. Crisp snappy green apples with a floral rose petal and honeysuckle in the middle. Nice earthy, herbal notes that come in right before the slightly sweet bready malts.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium body and carbonation. One of the craziest snappy quick dry finishes I’ve had to date. This beer drinks so wet and juicy and literally when I swallow it sucks all the moister out of my mouth begging me to drink more.
OVERALL: Having the opportunity to have the top 3 rated ipas back to back to back in the same night was mind blowing. I truly think that DS is an outstanding beer. The taste is super unique and delicious. I feel like I could smash multiples of this no problem. With that being said I feel like it lacked that in your face aroma that heady topper has.The flavor profile I would put above Pliny so results for me would be:
1. Heady Topper
2. Double Sunshine
3. Pliny the Elder

RATING: Hard to give this anything but 5/5 zombie heads!