Beer Review – w00tstout 2.0 – Stone Brewing Co.



wØØtstout 2.0 – Stone Brewing Co
13.5% ABV
APPEARANCE: Pours a romantic dark chocolate.Very opaque but not quite a jet black, still some nice brown hues in there. Lovely caramel colored head that had very great retention.
AROMA: Smells like pecan pie that has been soaked in bourbon, which equals deliciousness. Getting some sweetness maybe molasses and raisins. Little faint vanilla and for sure pick up the booziness from the bourbon barrel.
TASTE: Very flamboyant, layers upon layers. Right off the bat getting that nice barrel flavor. A slight spiciness that balances well with the sweetness of the chocolate and pecan. As it warmed a bit I pull out tobacco and the alcohol began to show its head.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium bodied and medium carbonation. Slightly oily perhaps from the pecans, not a super thick beer but surprisingly creamy.
OVERALL: Super solid stout from Stone. Was impressed all around, I am curious to see how this ages possibly mellowing out the heat from the high abv and blending into a beautiful layered, very easily drinking stout.
RATING: 4.5/5 zombie heads!



Bearded Zombie Original Art

photo (2)

This piece is on 3 feet x 4 feet canvas, commissioned from a client. Used a mix of acrylic paint, spray paint, various stains and paper to achieve the desired look.

Beer review – Galaxy Unicorn – Pipeworks Brewing



Galaxy Unicorn – Pipeworks Brewing
Double IPA
9.5% ABV
APPEARANCE: Pours a murky, hazy orange with golden peach hues. Unfiltered but not finding any sediment in the initial pour. Big sudsy off white head that stuck around for the long haul, Leaving nice lacing all around the glass as it slowly dissipated.
AROMA: Big burst of over ripe oranges and grapefruit rind. Followed by a tropical cereal like aroma, almost like that special k with the dried fruit in it. Tons of hoppy, floral notes with a slight spicy earthiness, back end is grassy, slightly catty. Very interesting and inviting bouquet on this beer.
TASTE: Wow I knew the nose had fruit on it but the taste is a tropical fruit bomb! Fresh, juicy, ripe tangerines, pineapples even a bit of berry flavor. Toasted warm bread with honey butter on it. For sure getting some heat from the abv but I actually enjoy that especially when it’s balanced out with the big bitterness from all those hops.
MOUTHFEEL: Medium creamy body with a nice medium carbonation.Wonderful lingering oily finish. Super drinkable for a 9.5%.


OVERALL: This was my first Pipeworks beer I thought it was outstanding,I really enjoyed the galaxy hops flavor profile. The addition of wheat was very interesting as well. I found that all the sweet fruits where balanced nicely and not over powering at all.

RATING: 4.5/5 zombie heads!